Who to Call

Trained campus police officers are on duty 24 hours every day.


In case of fire or to call for an ambulance, dial 911 from any campus phone or cell phone. For all other emergencies, dial campus police at 2211 from any campus phone or 413.552.2211 from a cell phone or off-campus land line.

Emergency Guide charts are posted near the telephone in classrooms and throughout campus. These address a variety of emergency situations and provide guidance on how to respond to emergency or crisis situation. Following instructions in the order listed helps you prioritize the notification of emergency personnel during the initial impact of the emergency. Please familiarize yourself with the "Emergency Guide" locations and contents.

Emergency Phones and Call Boxes

Emergency phones are located in campus buildings, in hallways and in classrooms. Each has a yellow-striped cared afixed on top with instructions.

Emergency call boxes are located in parking lots D, K, M, O, and Q and are mounted on the following building exteriors:
Donahue Building, first floor, as "S" entrance
Frost Building, third floor entrance
Kittredge Building, first floor

Non Emergencies

For non-emergency calls, campus police can be reached by dialing 2400 from a campus phone or 413.552.2400 from a cell phone or off-campus land line.


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