Offices & Administration

Here you'll find information about the administration of Holyoke Community College, including its board of trustees, president and senior staff.

Board of Trustees

Appointed by Governor Deval Patrick, members of the Board of Trustees meet monthly throughout the year to oversee the business and promote the well-being of Holyoke Community College.


President & Senior Staff

HCC's leadership is committted to fulfilling the college’s mission of providing comprehensive, high-quality educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community.


Division Deans

HCC's academic divisions are overseen by its deans, who work with department chairs and faculty to administer the academic program and help develop new instructional initiatives.


Long Range Planning & College Priorities

Every two years, HCC undertakes a coordinated planning process to accomplish and improve the achievement of its mission. You can help!


College Offices

Holyoke Community College College Offices


Holyoke Community College
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