Advising and Registration

Once you've been accepted to HCC, we will schedule an appointment for you to take your college placement test. Upon completion of your test, you may meet with an advisor, and select and register for your classes. If you've taken your placement test elsewhere or have completed college-level courses in math and/or English, you'll need to submit this information with your application to the college. Once received, you may contact the advising center to make an appointment with an advisor and register for your classes.

Continuing students are required to meet with their advisors during the pre-registration periods in the fall and spring to plan their program of study, and maintain communication with them during their attendance at the college.

For more information, evening students should contact the advising center via email or phone at 413.552.2722.

A college education is an investment of time, effort, and money. HCC strongly urges students to consult their advisors to ensure they are on track for graduation. However, final responsibility for selecting courses that fulfill graduation requirements rests solely with the student.


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