Cost of Attendance

Attending college each year involves costs that are both direct and indirect.  Direct costs, such as tuition and fees, are those expenses you'll find on your semester billing statement, based on your program of study and the number of classes you are attending.  For general information related to tuition and fee charges, click here.

Books & Supplies

Listed below are estimated yearly costs for books and related supplies based on enrollment status:

  • Full-time -  $1,600
  • Three-quarter- time - $1,200
  • Half-time- $800
  • Less-than-half-time - $400

Indirect Expenses

Indirect expenses are other expenses you may incur while attending Holyoke Community College.  When planning your budget, you should consider the costs that we have estimated below.  Keep in mind that your actual expenses may be different.  These expenses are listed to give you a general sense of indirect college costs. Also, please note that these expenses DO NOT have to be paid to the college and may be controlled through smart budgeting*.

The following costs are estimated based on full-time enrollment for an entire academic year (September - May)

  • Transportation -   $1,720
  • Living Expenses (with parents) -  $2,580
  • Living Expenses (away from parents) - $7,690
  • Misc. Expenses  -  $1,500 - $2,830

Smart Budgeting with SALT

*As part of an initiative to ensure that Holyoke Community College students are financially literate for their lifetime, Holyoke Community College has partnered with American Student Assistance (a nonprofit organization that delivers quality delinquency prevention services) to create a free debt management and financial education program for our current Holyoke Community College students, as well as our alumni. This new product is called SALT.

SALT has plenty of tools to assist students with smart budgeting. We encourage you to check out more information by clicking here.


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