Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a family can make. As parents, you want to be confident your child will receive an education that will lay a strong foundation for a career or further study. You want to know that your child will be in an environment that is both challenging and supportive, with opportunities to meet others and grow as a person and a contributing member of the community.

The information below is intended to provide the information most parents seek, If you have questions that aren't answered, would like to arrange for a visit or tour, or simply want to speak with a person, please contact us at or 413.552.2321. We look forward to helping you explore what HCC has to offer!

The recipe for success in college is simple:

1. Go to class
2. Do all of the homework and reading
3. Get extra help if you're having trouble understanding the subject matter. Don't wait until midterms or the final exam to ask for help!

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