Green Campus

Living sustainably is a priority for HCC. From compostable utensils and cage-free eggs, to low-energy lighting and upgraded chillers, HCC is continually working toward reducing its carbon footprint and making choices that align with our values. Students, faculty and staff have come together to develop a variety of projects and initiatives that will have a positive impact at HCC and in our community. As we work towards greening our campus, we'll update our community here. 


We are proud to be the only community college and one of just a few institutions chosen by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to participate in its Zero Net Energy program. From upgrades to building systems, window replacements, stairwell insulation, weather-stripping and more, find out what we're doing to live more sustainably at HCC.



Expanding population and the impact of human activities on the environment demands that we develop plans to manage our food, energy and other resources in a way that acknowledges their finite nature. HCC has several exciting new programs for those who want to work to address these problems.


Energy Dashboard

Learn more about what HCC is doing to conserve resources using our energy dashboard. As more metrics become available, we will continue to add them.


Get Involved

Students, faculty, and staff! Find out how you can make a difference. Small lifestyle changes have a large impact on energy consumption.


Frequently Asked Questions

This program will significantly reduce energy use, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions while creating clean energy jobs. Find out more as we ask and answer your questions.


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