fresh vegetables from the HCC Sustainability garden

One Campus One Theme -- Food

This year, HCC is launching a new initiative called "One Campus, One Theme" that focuses on exploring a common theme across academic disciplines and through coordinated activities around campus. The idea is that by exploring one topic from multiple perspectives and through an array of activities, we can deepen our understanding of it and make new connections between ourselves and the world around us. This year's theme is "Food," which we will investigate through a series of topics:

  • Food Stories
  • Food Production
  • Food Culture
  • Food Health
  • Food Science
  • Food Policy
  • Food Justice

Students will have the opportunity to explore this universal topic through many different classes and student activities. Students may see this theme in action in their science classes, art classes, English classes, math classes or others, as well as in student club projects. There will be many opportunities to participate in upcoming student activities focusing on Food, such as film screenings, field trips, farmers' markets, community projects and other special events throughout the academic year.

Follow the links below for more information on the One Campus, One Theme initiative:

Library resources

Google site (events and academic activities) 

Calendar of events

HCC announces "One Campus, One Theme" project


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