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Student Clubs

Ready for a break from classes? HCC has over 30 active clubs and organizations, with new ones being formed all the time (plus a radio station, newspaper, and literary magazine). Have fun, make connections, develop leadership skills, and pursue new interests. Clubs have access to funds, travel, and a variety of programming opportunities. Email with any questions. 

Get Involved!

Clubs are an excellent way to get involved in campus life! Our co-curricular clubs and organizations are here to enhance and compliment the learning taking place in the classrooms. We offer a thorough list of clubs and organizations, dictated by the interests of the students each semester. Building a resume, meeting new friends, developing leadership skills, creating positive change and being a part of a team are some of the reasons students join clubs. Many clubs are partnered with an academic area and students can get to know the faculty and staff by being involved. 

Who can join a club? Clubs are open to any enrolled student and have their own mission statements and membership requirements to guide their activities and purpose.

Who is in charge? Every club has an Advisor who oversees projects and advises as needed; the students dictate the activities and governance. Club members elect their own leaders and decide on a slate of activities for the year. 

What do clubs do? Clubs travel during the year to conferences or places of interest having to do with their purpose. They host social gatherings, awareness campaigns, and community service projects. Every club does some form of community service in order to retain their charter; past efforts include food and clothing drives, fundraisers, and cleanups. See us at CLUB FAIR on September 21, 2016 in the Courtyard! 

How do I join a club? The easiest way to join a club is to attend Club Fair during Activity Period on September 21, 2016 in the Courtyard. You could also check out our Current Club List and contact the Club Advisor or Club Coordinator (Lauren at to learn more. 


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