Academic Clubs

American Sign Language Club

The ASL Club seeks to educate the hearing community of HCC about the Deaf and Deaf Culture, provide greater awareness about Deaf issues on campus, promote American Sign Language as the language of the Deaf, and provide a place for the two communities to interact and socialize.


Criminal Justice Association

The mission of this club is to create an opportunity for students to learn about the criminal justice system, its professions, and those impacted by it. This club also aims to provide awareness of current issues in criminal justice, and to help prepare students in connecting with local agencies to stimulate interest and participation in community events as well as career opportunities.


Education Club

The purpose of the Education Club is to offer students with current or future interests in the field of education an opportunity to discuss educational issues in any context through a combination of social and academic settings. The Education Club aims to promote the exploration of career opportunities through planning on-campus events, hosting expert guest speakers, and participating in local events related to education.


Emerging Business Leaders Club

Our purpose is to provide our members with guidance and advice in turning their business concepts into reality, providing opportunities for members to identify professors who may provide advice, and specific concerns in starting a business. This club also aims to provide opportunities for members to learn about the wide variety of resources available to them, as well as opportunities to network with the Valley's entrepreneurs, and to facilitate participation by members in the Harold Grinspoon Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiative.



The E-Sci Club seeks to improve Holyoke Community College relations within the student and faculty body through community service and work related outings and fun adventurous trips.


Health Careers Club

The Health Careers Club is an organization that promotes and explores different careers in health care fields.


Human Services Club

This club is on break as we seek student leadership to start it again.


Psychology Club

The Psychology Club's purpose is to help club members develop leadership and communication skills, while expanding their knowledge and understanding of psychology topics and career opportunities. Club members will participate in topic discussion and analysis, organizing events, and doing community service.



The STEM Club's goal is to attract HCC students with an interest in the fields of science and mathematics. The club aims to create an ideal environment for students to come together and mentor each other through working on a variety of projects to gain experience in the field of engineering.


Vet Tech Club

The Veterinary Technician Club is an organization that promotes the standards of quality veterinary care for all animals, and supports the education of the vet tech students at HCC. The club strives to promote veterinary services and education to the greater HCC community, as well as provide social activities to the vet tech students and their families.


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