Course Designations

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ACC Accounting ESL English as a Second Language MUS Music
ANT Anthropology FRH French NTR Nutrition
ART Art FRS Forensic Science NUR Nursing (ADN)
ASL American Sign Language GEO Geography PHI Philosophy
AST Astronomy GER German PHM Pharmacy Science & Technology
BIO Biology GRT Gerontology PHS Physics
BUS Business GSY General Studies PNR Practical Nursing (LPN)
CHM Chemistry HCA Hospitality Management POL Political Science
COM Communication HFN Health, Fitness & Nutrition PSY Psychology
CRJ Criminal Justice HIM Health Information Management RDL Radiologic Technology
CSI Computer Information Systems HIS History SEC Security
CUL Culinary Arts HON Honors SEM Science & Technology
DFS Deaf Studies HSV Human Services SOC Sociology
DVD Developmental Disabilities HTH Health SPA Spanish
ECN Economics HUM Humanities SPO Sports Administration
EDU Education LAW Legal Studies SSN Social Science
EGR Engineering MEA Medical Assistant SUS Sustainability
EMS Introduction to Electronic Media MGT Management THE Theater
ENG English MKT Marketing VET Veterinary Technology
ENV Environmental Science & Technology MTH Mathematics WST Women's Studies
ESC Earth Science MKT Marketing


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