Smith celebrates HCC transfers

November 3, 2015

Susan Williams, '13, takes the microphone at a lunch for Smith College students who transfered from HCC. Smith College president Kathleen McCartney, Mallory Kakley, '15, Malani LaCasse, '15 and HCC president Bill Messner.

As a student at HCC, Anne Medina majored in Liberal Arts, graduating in 2013 with her associate degree.  

As a student now at Smith College, Medina is majoring in Latino-American Studies and has traveled to Cuba to further her research comparing the historical and political trajectories of Cuba and Puerto Rico.  

"Our students are succeeding at Smith and doing such wonderful things," said Irma Medina, coordinator of HCC's Pathways program (and no relation to her former advisee, Anne).  

Medina -- Anne -- talked about her research during a lunch last week at Smith celebrating students who have transferred there from HCC and Greenfield Community College.  

Along with Medina (Irma), HCC president Bill Messner, and Erica Broman, HCC vice president of Institutional Development, nine HCC to Smith transfers attended the lunch in the Smith College Conference Center overlooking Paradise Pond in Northampton: Melanie LaCasse, '15; Mallory Kakley, '15; Julissa Colon, '13; Catherine LaRussa, '15; Susan Williams, '13; Linda Moynahan, '15; Constance Stano, '13; Karlena Henry, '15; and Anne Medina, '13.  

Each student had a turn to ask questions and talk about their experiences both at HCC and Smith.  

"Our students said how wonderfully academically prepared they were at HCC," said Medina (Irma), "particularly through our Learning Communities and Honors courses. They also talked about what really great advising they received at HCC."  

Smith College president Kathleen McCartney told the students how she wants her legacy as Smith president to be "access."  

Furthering that goal, she noted the new program that offers free tuition scholarships each year to two students each from HCC and GCC. The first HCC students to benefit from that program were LaCasse, an early education major from Southampton, and Kakley, a secondary education major from Springfield.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Smith College: (Left) Susan Williams, '13, takes the microphone at a lunch for Smith College students who transfered from HCC. (Right) Smith College president Kathleen McCartney with Mallory Kakley, '15, Melanie LaCasse, '15, and HCC president Bill Messner. 


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