Lisa Ladas at HCC

Lisa Ladas (a.k.a. 'DJ Lisa L,' Lisa Saneta)


I'm 46 and very proud of it.

Resides in:

South Hadley; originally from Guyana, South America


Foundations of Health


DJ on WCCH, 103.5 FM, HCC's campus radio station; CNA (certified nursing assistant) at Wingate in South Hadley; MC for area concerts.

Favorite course/teacher:

William Pierson, professor of psychology, for Human Development. He's my number one teacher. His class was full, I sent him an email, and he still accepted me. He's very thoughtful with everything he says. I like his demeanor, his way of portraying things until you understand them. I got an A and I didn't have to take the final. That was my favorite class, my favorite teacher.

Recent courses you've taken:

Statistics, Public Speaking, Spanish for Health Related Careers

Most meaningful encounter at HCC:

Working at WCCH, the college radio station. I host "Caribbean Blend" every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. It was always a dream of mine to be on the radio. I'm a talker. I love to communicate. 

Why does education matter to you?

Education is key. Education -- no one can take that away from you. Someone can take everything you own or have but they can't take education away. That's why I love it.

What is your favorite thing about HCC?

I just love school, the classes. I like the age that I'm coming back to school. I enjoy it here. It's a nice atmosphere. I enjoy learning. I'm learning a lot. I can definitely see the progress I've made and the knowledge I've gained over the past two years that I've been coming here, in the way I talk and the thoughtful words I choose.  

What's the most important thing you've learned at HCC?

Never to give up. And I have seen students who wanted to give up and I encouraged them not to. I checked in with them after and they did pass that class that they didn't think they were able to. So, give someone a word of encouragement. I'm never going to give up anything that I enter or start.

Where are you going from here?

I'd like to see if I can get into HCC's nursing program because that is where Foundations of Health is leading me. Right now, I work as a CNA at a senior care facility. Eventually I would like to work in a hospital and see where that leads. But down the line, whatever I get involved with, I'm going to be a communicator for that path. I love promoting and I love talking about what I do. So I think I'd be a speaker for whatever group I work for or wherever I may be at.


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040