Richard Leon Provost Holyoke Community College Alum

Richard Provost

Class of 1949

Resides in:

Creston, Iowa; Mesa, Arizona

Richard Leon Provost '49 was the first Holyoke Junior College graduate to earn a PhD. Provost taught psychology and education for 34 years at East Texas University, Northern Illinois University, Texas A&M University, Southwestern Community College, and Kearney College in Nebraska. As an educator, he created the first learning/practicum programs and taught the first psychology course within a nursing curriculum at the colleges where he taught, and he introduced the teaching of juvenile delinquency and adolescent psychology to a police academy in Nebraska. He has also written eight books and 15 articles on genealogy and is an award-winning artist. Provost has shown his appreciation to HCC by funding six scholarships through the HCC Foundation. His advice to HCC students: "Seize every minute and live it. Never give it away. Commit yourself to doing a super job in school and don't be afraid to accept help from other people. Always do the best that you can."


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