Student receiving assistance from HCC Career Counselor

The Center for Career Development

Hello and welcome to the newly named and redefined Center for Career Development!  This webpage was designed to inform you of our services and to develop the resources needed to be successful in planning your career.  

In accordance with the mission of Holyoke Community College, our mission is to educate and empower a diverse community of students and alumni as they make career decisions, develop job search strategies, and pursue experiential education as a pathway to career success.  

The HCC Center for Career Development, located in Room 322 of the Kittredge Center is your resource for career exploration, planning, advising, and job placement assistance. Our staff is trained to help students choose career paths based upon their abilities, interests and academic backgrounds, as well as to provide job market information.   Whether you are unsure of what major to pursue, which college to attend, or need assistance in your job search, we have the resources to help you develop a career path. We take pride in our community as well as our students and we would like to offer you the best tools and practices, in order to help you succeed with a career. Our resourceful center, along with our trained staff, offer the following information, which will help you succeed, not only after graduation but also during your time here at Holyoke Community College:    

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Assistance
  • Career Assessment
  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Job Search
  • Career Themed Workshops

Center for Career Development services are aso available at the Picknelly Adult and Family Education Center (PAFEC) in downtown Holyoke on a limited schedule basis.

Affiliated with the Center for Career Development is CareerPoint, the federally funded, One-Stop Career Center located in downtown Holyoke. Through this connection, students have access to the computerized databases of CareerPoint job opportunities and information as well as referrals for job search assistance.

The Center for Career Development is also a member of the Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership which provides an excellent source for finding internships in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut at

Employers can use the links provided in this site to post jobs and arrange for on-campus recruitment dates.



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