Resources for Body, Mind and Spirit

Well-Being encompasses all our parts, not just the physical body. It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person, which includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. Below is a list of some helpful resources.

Mind & Body: Greater Good Science Center University of California Berkeley

Articles, podcasts and videos about practices that are grounded in neuroscience. The site is rich in resources. Click on the various tabs for additional information and resources.

Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled the World

Consider the 21-Day Kindness Challenge. What act of kindness will you leave behind?

KindSpring: Small Acts that Change the World

A virtual community that supports and encourages acts of kindness.

Casa De Paz (House of Peace): Karma Tube

Video about the formation of an "intentional community of peace and non-violence in an area rife with structural and physical violence." Watch it and be inspired!

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness 

Listen to this moving account of the transformational power of forgiveness NPR's series "This I Believe."

Can Self-Compassion Overcome Procrastination?

Posting from the UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. 

Quizzes to Support Greater Positive Emotions and Stronger Relationships

Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley.

The 5 Best Ways to Build Resiliency

Shares ways that you can learn to bounce back from the traumas and challenges of life. 

iRest Integrative Restoration 

An overview of iRest Yoga Nidra; has links to free practice downloads as well as current projects and scientific research findings.

Meditation: An Introduction 

An overview by the National Institute for Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Mindfulness Training May Assuage Early Life Trauma

Discusses the connection between mindfulness and resiliency.

For Veterans and Military Members  

Moving Forward  

Educational & coaching resources for vets. 

After Deployment 

Wellness resources for the military community.

iRest for Military Members & Veterans

Includes information, videos, as well as short practices directed toward use of iRest with military members.


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